50 Stunning Passion Twists Hairstyles

50+ Stunning Passion Twists Hairstyles - Featured Image

Passion twists hairstyles are hot right now and we have found 50+ STUNNING photos to share with you. You will feel inspired for your next protective style after seeing these women slay.

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Stunning passion twists hairstyles

Passion twists hairstyles, which are also called spring twists, are a type of two-strand twist in which extension braiding hair is added. In this article we are going to show you some beautiful hairstyles and also let you know the best type of hair and products to use.

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Half up half down twists
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Blonde With Dark Roots Ombre Passion Twists
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What kind of hair do you use for passion twists?

The type of hair you use depends on if you are doing individual passion twists or crochet passion twists. With individual passion twists hairstyles your hair is parted and each twist is done individually. This can take anywhere from 4-12 hours depending on the length and size of your twists. Also, the length of time would be determined by the speed and skill level of your hair stylist. With crochet passion twist your natural hair is cornrowed and pre-twisted hair is installed using a crochet latch hook. This can take anywhere from 2-4 hours. Below we listed the best hair to use for both individual and crochet passion twists.

Best Hair For Individuals

The best hair to use for individual passion twists is loose crochet hair.

  1. Passion Twist Bohemian Hair (7 bundles included, most people said it was more than enough hair)
Passion Twist Bohemian Hair

Best Hair For Crochet Twists

The best hair to use for crochet passion twists is pre-twisted hair. Crochet braids are faster because the hair is already twisted for you.

  1. Toyotress Pre-twisted Passion Twist Hair (8 bundles included, would order 2 sets to make sure you have enough hair)
  2. Tiana 10 inch Pre-twisted Passion Twist (this is for my girls that like shorter lengths of hair. 7 bundles are included but order 2 sets if you like a fuller look.)
Toyotress Pre-twisted Passion Twist Hair
Tiana 10 inch Pre-twisted Passion Twist

Passion Twist Tutorial

Check out our latest compilation video of passion twist tutorials. Learn different ways for how to install your passion twists.

How do you make passion twists last longer?

Because the hair that is used to create passion twist is soft this style may not last as long as box braids. This style will typically last about 4 to 6 weeks if taken care of properly.

We recommend tying your hair up every night. Our favorite is the spandex cap for dreadlocks. It is great for twists, braids, and locs because it covers the full length of your extensions and lets them hang freely. If you do not like sleeping with a cap on your head, then at least sleep with a silk pillow case. This will help to reduce frizz and breakage that comes from fiction by sleeping on cotton pillowcases.

Cleanse Your Scalp

Just because you are in a protective style doesn’t mean you can neglect your scalp. A healthy scalp is one of the most important factors to growing natural hair. Since passion twists are so soft, you may get some slippage if your wash your hair while they are installed. Instead try cleansing your scalp with a spray on scalp cleanser.

Promote Hair Growth

To promote hair growth while your hair is being protected make sure to use a hair growth oil to nourish your scalp such as the EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil. What’s bomb about this oil is when you are ready to take down your twists this oil it can also be used as a hot oil treatment.

Don’t forget the accessories!! 😍

Blonde and Brown Passion Twists
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Stunning Passion Twist Hairstyles
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Long Red Passion Twists
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Black with Blonde Tips Long Twists
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Make your twists unique by adding hair accessories and jewels. Have fun by experimenting with different hairstyles such as half up half down, top knot buns and side swept styles. We included more inspirational passion twist photos below. If you enjoyed this article you will love our other protective style ideas. Make sure to subscribe to be notified when we release the latest hairstyles and information on how to care for your natural hair.💗

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