Best Box Braid Hairstyles You Will Love & How To Care For Box Braids


Looking for the best box braid hairstyles? Then you will love these hairstyles that we have handpicked just for you. Box braids are a great hairstyle for many reasons. The top reason is because they are a great protective style for hair growth.

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Why Box Braids Are A Great Protective Style For Hair Growth

Box braids are a great protective style for hair growth is because your hair is put away. The second reason is because box braids require very little up keep and daily manipulation. As long as you keep your hair moisturized and oil your scalp, you can easily retain lots of growth while in braids.

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How To Care For Box Braids

Although box braid hairstyles require very little maintenance, it is still very important to know how to care for your box braids. It can be easy to forget about your natural hair while in braids, but remember you natural still needs love too. After all, the point of a protective style is to protect your hair while you gain some new growth. Here are some tips on how to care for box braids.

1. Keep Your Hair Moisturized.

Try using a hair moisturizer or a leave in conditioner to keep your hair moisturized while in braids. A hair moisturizer like the Jamaican Mango No More Itch Gro Spray, or African Pride Original Braid Sheen Spray, will prevent your hair from being dry and brittle.

2. Oil Your Scalp.

Using an oil like the EssyNaturals Hair Growth Oil on your scalp will prevent your scalp from drying out. This oil will not only nourish your scalp, but it also stimulates hair growth.

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3. Wear a Scarf At Night

It is important to wear a scarf at night in order to reduce frizz and protect your hair. By wearing a scarf at night your hair will be against a smooth surface. This prevents your braids from looking older faster.

Our favorite scarf to wear at night is the Spandex Cap for Dreadlocks from Amazon because it is perfect for when when you have braids too. We find that this type of scarf stays on better throughout the night and prevents your braids from going all over the place while you sleep. If you don’t like wearing scarfs, then at least sleep with a silk pillowcase to offer your hair some type of hair protection.


4. Wash Your Braids

It is important to keep your scalp clean while wearing your braids. Hair grows best when it is in a clean environment, so it is best practice to cleanse your scalp about once every two weeks. If you don’t want to fully shampoo, you can also use a dry shampoo or spray on shampoo. Make sure to follow the directions for proper use.

Root Refresh Rinse
Scalp Cleanser
Spray On Shampoo

5. How Long To Keep Braids In For Hair To Grow

One question we hear all the time is “how long to keep braids in for hair to grow?” The answer is your hair is constantly growing, but protective styling is not meant to be long term. We recommend keeping your braids in for no longer that 6-8 weeks. If you keep your braids in for too long you run the risk of hair loss and breakage.

What is the Best Braiding Hair

Our top two picks for braiding hair hands down would have to be the  Sensationnel XPRESSION 2X Pre-Stretched Braid or the Outre Braids X-Pression Kanekaion 3X Pre Stretched Braid 42″.

What’s Your Favorite Box Braid Hairstyle?

What’s your favorite box braid hairstyle? Do you like jumbo box braids, red box braids, short box braids, long box braids… Let us know in the comments below. If you are not already apart of our Curly Girl Swag Community, subscribe now so that we can let you know when we release new articles of trending hairstyles and tips on how to care for your natural hair. Stay beautiful and thanks for reading! 💗

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  1. Sarah Lear says:

    I’m a white girl and I have had knotless box braids and my scalp didn’t itch or anything but it did show flakes either from product I put in it or from not washing it. I’m getting then done again in a few days, how do I keep from getting flakes without washing them. I’ve heard if you have white girl hair that washi.g them will make you natural hair slip out. Any advice or tips?

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