Best Natural Hair Quotes

Best Natural Hair Quotes

Best natural hair quotes to give you some inspiration. We included some funny quotes and popular natural hair memes that you will love.

Best Natural Hair Quotes

These quotes will encourage you and make laugh while you are on your natural hair journey. Here you go!

1. Keep Calm And Love Your Natural Hair

Natural Hair Quotes - Keep Calm And Love Your Natural Hair

It can be difficult to love our natural hair sometimes. Especially when it doesn’t do what we want it to do. It is important to remember not to compare you natural hair to others. Remember to love your natural hair because it is 100% unique and yours.

2. Naturals Be Like I Just Moisturized

Natural Hair Quotes

Can we all agree that natural hair NEEDS lots of love and TLC. If you feel like this natural hair quote applies to you, then you should learn your hair’s porosity. Learning your hair’s porosity will teach you what products will work best for your hair and how to keep it moisturized for longer. Check out our Article: What Is Hair Porosity And How To Do A Hair Porosity Test

3. Hair Wash Day Humor

Hair Wash Day Humor

Who else procrastinates when it come to wash day? This next time you feel like putting off washing your hair just remember how it won’t help you reach your hair goals.

4. Natural Beauty

Natural Hair Printable Wall Art

Remember your a natural beauty and nothing else will ever compare.

5. When Your Wash and Go Poppin

When your wash and go poppin

You know that feeling when you know your hair is on point so you be smiling all day. You cute sis!

6. Bonnet Check

Bonnet check
@afroliciouswomen on Instagram

When you wake up in the middle of the night to make sure your bonnet is still on.

7. When They Discontinue Your Favorite Hair Care Product

Natural Hair Quotes

My exact face when they quit making a hair product that I’ve been using for years. Or, how about when they change the formula of your favorite hair care product and now it’s trash.

8. In A Kinky Relationship With My Hair

Natural Hair Art

Get your mind out the gutter….the only kinky relationship I’m in is the one with my hair.

9. Wash Days Be Like…

Wash Days Be Like

Natural hair wash days are a full event. I’m talking pre-poo, shampoo, condition, detangle, deep condition…you get the idea.

10. What A Time To Be Alive

natural hair quotes
@unconditionedroots on Instagram

We are fortunate to be living in a generation where women are proud to rock their natural hair. Get inspired by these natural hair celebrities.

11. I Didn’t Go Natural I Started To Love The Hair I Was Born With

Natural Hair Art

You always hear women say they “are going natural”. We are all born with natural hair, so you are beginning to love the hair you were born with.

11. When Your Twist Out Fails

When Your Twist Out Fails

It sucks when you spend all this time twisting your hair up the night before. Only to take down your twists in the morning and it comes out a complete FAIL.

12. Good Hair Is Healthy Hair

Good Hair Is Healthy Hair

Hair should not be not defined by your hair texture or how long your hair is. Good hair is healthy hair, period.

13. Hair Product Junkie

Hair Product Junkie
@afroliciouswomen on Instagram

A sign that you may be a product junkie is when you find any reason to convince yourself you need a hair product even though you have tons of product at home. I’m GUILTY for sure…

14. Hey Alexa Wash My Hair

Hey Alexa Wash My Hair Printable Wall Art

Wouldn’t it be great to say “Hey Alexa wash my hair” and magically it’s done. Patiently waiting for Amazon’s next update, lol.

15. When You Treat Your Hair Better Than Your Body

Natural Hair Quotes
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I love me some fast food, but only the best for my hair! But seriously, what you put in your body also affects the health of your hair. Read more about it in our article: 6 Best Foods That Promote Hair Growth.

16. Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair

Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair Wall Art

The best thing about natural hair is the versatility. Spice it up, experiment with temporary hair color and try that new haircut. Life is too short to have boring hair.

17. When Someone Asks “Can I Touch Your Hair”

Natural Hair Quotes

Let’s talk about when someone asks you if they can touch your hair. First of all its just plain rude, I’m a person not a pet. Next time hit them with the side eye and politely ask them “can I touch your’s first?”.

18. May Your Coffee Be As Strong As Your Hair Care Regimen

Natural Hair Printable Wall Art

You need to have a hair care regimen if you are serious about growing healthy natural hair. This article will help you create one catered to your hair. How To Create A Hair Care Regimen For Natural Hair

19. Me Meditating Before Doing My Natural Hair

natural hair quotes

So, I know this is our fourth natural hair quote about wash day. But…THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!

20. Natural Queen

Natural Queen Printable Wall Art

Remember you are a NATURAL QUEEN. Never let someone else rub off their idea of what beauty is on you. “Be your own kind of beautiful.

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