Best Swim Caps for Black Hair, Braids & Locs

Best Swim Caps for Black Hair, Braids & Locs

Here is a list of the best swim caps for black hair, natural hair, braids, and locs. These swim caps will keep your hair dry and designed specifically for women with thick, coarse, and long hair styles.

The main reason it is important to invest in a quality swim cap is because the chlorine and chemicals in swimming pools can damage your natural hair. These chemicals can cause issues such as breakage, damage, and even dryness. The right swim cap will protect your hair from these problems and keep your hair healthy. Read on to learn which swim caps for black hair made our top list!

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1. Soul Cap – Best Swim Caps for Black Hair

Best Swim Caps for Black Hair - Soul Cap

The company Soul Cap made a swim cap for athletes with black hair and it has caused some controversy. The Soul cap is catered towards athletes with afro-textured hair. Before this, traditionally athletes with natural black hair had been under represented in the sport. Alice Dearing, the first black woman to represent Great Britain in swimming at the Olympics, has partnered with this swim cap manufacturer to help change that. The Soul Cap is designed to be inclusive, since the The Olympics has requirements to promote diversity in the sport.

Soul Cap swimming caps accommodate hairstyles with thick and curly hair. The chlorine in the water causes hair to dry out quickly. Since Soul Caps are made with more room, they keep natural black hair from getting wet and tangled up while you are swimming. In addition, the Soul Cap is made to fit black hairstyles such as natural styles, braids, locs, and hair weaves. This cap is available in the sizes regular to XL to fit your needs.

Video Review of Swim Caps for Black Hair

Below is a video review of a customer with locs. She is raving about how great the Soul Cap works for keeping her natural black hair dry while swimming.

2. Dsane

Dsane swim caps

When swimming, it is important to wear a swim cap to protect your hair from chlorine and other chemicals. Since black hair is coarser than other hair textures, it is prone to breakage and damage from harsh chemicals. The Dsane swim cap is designed for black women that want to protect their hair. Not only is it comfortable, but offers protection from the sun.

The Dsane swim cap has generous space to accommodate locs and braids. The stretch-fit design allows for easy removal and is perfect for long swimming sessions. This swim cap is allergy-free and contains the thickest waterproof silicone available. The silicone lining keeps your hair dry and prevents the chemicals in pool water from ruining its quality. This means it will not tear or rip as you swim. This cap also includes ear plugs to prevent irritation.

Dsane swim caps for black hair are available in regular and XL sizes. If you have a larger head size, you will benefit from the asymmetrical shape, which will allow your hair to breathe better. The extra space also helps with elasticity. The design will keep your hair dry and tangle-free when swimming. It is perfect for showering and any other water activities. This is one of the best swim caps for black hair, braids, and locs.

3. Alepo


Alepo swim caps for black hair are great for swimming because they work with a lot of different hairstyles. They are designed to fit dreadlocks, weaves, and natural afro hair. The fabric of the cap will keep your hair dry and protected from water. Plus the amazing hydrodynamic design helps you swim faster with less water resistance.

Alepo swim caps include earplugs, a nose clip, and storage bag, which makes it easy and convenient to carry with you. The cap has re-enforcement to prevent your hair from sliding out of the cap while swimming.

The curved design of the Alepo swim cap allows for it to fit any head like a glove and prevents water from entering the cap. It is made of breathable silicone with a special contour cut around the ears for improved comfort. This cap can accommodate black women with long hair, thick hair, kids, and men too!

You will also appreciate that this cap comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if you purchase on Amazon. So, buy your swim cap today with confidence and enjoy the water!

4. Happy Mane

Best Swim Caps for Black Hair, Braids & Locs

The Happy Mane swim cap is flexible and made of premium silicone construction that ensures your mane will stay dry, hydrated, and healthy. It also comes with ear plugs, a nose clip, and a PVC storage case so you can keep it in a convenient place when not in use. Unlike other swim caps, the material of the Happy Mane cap won’t stretch out over time with continuous use.

5. TYR

TYR Swim Cap

If you have shorter hair then you should consider purchasing a TYR swim cap. This cap will keep your hair dry and clean while you swim. Plus, they are extremely comfortable to wear! This is a must-have accessory, especially when the summer months start to roll around.

TYR swim caps are renowned for their quality, durability, and custom fit. Their high-quality silicone construction ensures resistance to tearing, which also makes them perfect for competitions and training. Below, are some more key features of why the TYR swim caps are great for black hair.

This swim cap fits both women and men and features an asymmetrical shape that reduces pressure around the head. It’s a great choice for people with thick hair that may not be as long. It’s also priced at less than half the price of other swim caps.

Swim Caps for Black Hair

Swim caps are a necessary part of swimming, especially if you have black hair. There are many different swim caps on the market, and we understand the importance of choosing the best one to fit your needs. Have you tried any of these swim caps? Let us know how they worked for you in the comments below.

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