DIY Mayonnaise Hair Mask

DIY Mayonnaise Hair Mask

DIY Mayonnaise Hair Mask

Use this DIY mayonnaise hair mask to revive your damaged hair. The ingredients in this mask will help to strengthen your hair.

Mayonnaise also known as mayo, is a sauce made from the mixture of egg yolk, oil, lemon juice or vinegar. It’s commonly used as a condiment or dressing for food, but it can also serve as an easy and effective method for treating damaged hair.

We will be looking at the reasons why mayonnaise is very effective for repairing damaged hair. Also, all of the benefits of mayonnaise on hair.

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Benefits of Mayonnaise On Hair

1. Strengthens the hair

Mayonnaise contain egg yolks which are protein. The protein helps to strengthen the hair follicles. This prevents further damage to the hair and helps to stop breakage.

2. Helps to retain moisture

The mayonnaise is also rich in fatty acids and vitamins such as vitamin A, D, folate and biotin. These vitamins help the hair to retain moisture. It is important for hair to stay moisturized. Moisture protects the hair from becoming brittle and prone to breakage.

3. Gets rid of dandruff

Vinegar is also included in mayonnaise. It has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that get rid of germs that make the scalp prone to bacteria and infections. This makes it great for combating against dandruff.

Gets rid of dandruff -DIY Mayonnaise Hair Mask

4. Helps with an itchy scalp

Mayonnaise also includes lemon juice. The citrus and Vitamin C in lemons help to absorb the excess oil. All these factors help to create a clean environment that will help alleviate an itchy scalp.

5. Reduces hair frizz

The fatty acids in mayo are super hydrating and help to combat against frizz. Plus, this DIY mayonnaise hair mask will help to define curls and waves.

6. Promotes hair growth

One of the greatest benefits of using mayo on the hair is that it promotes hair growth. Mayonnaise contains an amino acid known as L-cysteine. L-cysteine helps to maintain the thickness of hair, prevents hair loss, and best of all promotes hair growth!

There are even more benefits of using mayonnaise on hair that you can find here on Healthline.

DIY Mayonnaise Hair Mask Recipe

As promised here is a super easy DIY mayonnaise hair mask recipe! It includes the full recipe with measurements and quick video tutorial.

It’s only 3 ingredients mayonnaise, olive oil and honey. The honey adds additional moisture into the hair shaft which adds luster to dull hair. The olive oil deeply penetrates the hair strands to condition and stop breakage. Put all these ingredients together and it works!

How often should I use hair mayonnaise?

Use this hair treatment for once a week until your hair feels stronger. Follow up with a moisturizing shampoo and leave in conditioner.

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