How To Achieve A Wash and Go On Natural Hair

How To Achieve A Wash and Go On Natural Hair

How To Achieve A Wash and Go On Natural Hair

Wash and gos have become a staple hairstyle within the natural hair community. It shows the natural texture of your hair and when done properly can be worn for an extended period of time. However, many of us just can’t seem to master a wash go. Why is that? You could be using improper products to achieve the styles as well as poor techniques.

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Here is a detailed guide on how to achieve a wash and go on natural hair

Start By Cleansing The Hair

Cleanse – In order to achieve a wash and go you have to style on freshly washed hair. Your scalp and hair strands will be need to be free of product and dirt that you may have accumulated throughout the past week.

Condition – You want to condition your curls so that they stay hydrated for the duration of the wash and go. As well as, you need to detangle your tresses thoroughly in sections. Tangle free hair will make adding product and styling your curls easier.

Deep Condition – Our hair is naturally dry so we need to add layers of moisture to it. Deep conditioning on a weekly basis will keep your strands and scalp fortified to withstand against any knots, tangles, and the environment.

Next Time For Styling

Moisturize – Remember moisture is key for our tresses. We need to keep our curls moisturized prior to using styling products to prevent it from taking away the moisture from our strands. In addition, if our hair is moisturized the style will last longer. Ensure to use a lightweight moisturizer that will not weigh down your curls. Lastly, using a lightweight moisturizer it will be easier to mix with the the styling product especially if you are heavy handed.

Styling – Ensure to use the correct styler that will enhance your natural curl pattern without drying out your tresses. You need to apply your styler in mini sections. This ensures that every curly strand is coated with gel in order for it to hold the pattern. You can do the shingling method whereby you smooth each strand to enhance the curl. Or, you can do the praying hands method whereby you would place each section into your hands and smooth it down as if you were praying. Remember start by parting your hair to your favorite side.

Drying – Drying your hair will take an extended period of time depending on the thickness of your natural hair. If you hair is thick and you choose to airdry your hair may take 24 – 48 hours to be 100% dry. However, if your hair is fine then it may take less than 24 hours. Also, you can choose to use a diffuser if you are pressed for time. The diffuser will spread the cool air throughout the hair to ensure every curl is dry.

Here are some beautiful wash and go pictures for inspiration. ♥♥♥

How To Achieve A Wash and Go On Natural Hair
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Ombre copper wash and go on natural hair
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Defined ringlets on Natural Hair
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wash and go
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Last Step Enjoy!

Then, voila! Your wash and go is achieved. You should remember that a naturalista with type 3c or 4a hair will not have the same wash and go as a type 4b or 4c naturalista. Not only is your curl pattern different, but also the thickness can vary. If you enjoyed this article subscribe to be the first to know when we post other great natural hair care tips! You may also like these other natural hairstyles.

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