How to Medium Knotless Box Braids & 30+ Hairstyles

Medium Knotless Box Braids Ultimate Guide

30+ Medium knotless box braids styles and everything you need to know to achieve this hairstyle. Learn how to do them, how many packs of hair you will need, how to care for them, and the cost.

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What are knotless box braids?

Knotless box braids are created through the feed-in braiding method which results in no knot at the base of the braid, hence the name knotless braids. This hairstyle has become extremely popular in the past few years. It is a must-try style and is taking over as the go-to protective style for a lot of women with natural hair.

Many women love wearing braids as a protective style, but the pain associated with braids is something that is hard to get use to. Luckily, knotless braids have opened up an opportunity for women to achieve beautiful braids without the tension and pain.

Which Is Better Knotless Braids or Regular Box Braids

Knotless box braids and regular box braids are both great protective styles. However, since knotless box braids are less tension, they cause less scalp irritation and breakage around your hairline.

Difference Between Knotless Braids versus Regular Box Braids

Medium Knotless Box Braids (1)
Knotless Box Braids – @rosesbraids1 on Instagram
Regular Box Braids
Regular Box Braids – @ale_silvv on Instagram

Here is the difference between knotless braids and regular box braids.

Knotless Box BraidsRegular Box Braids
Created by feeding in extension braiding hair as you braid down to the ends so that there is no knot at the root.Created by holding the hair taut at the root forming a knot to secure the extension braiding hair before braiding down to the ends.
Little to no pain or discomfort because there is less tension.Usually tighter because there is a knot placed at the base of the braid.
Can wear them in multiple hairstyles right after having them installed.Tension can make the scalp sensitive and slightly sore for 24 to 48 hours or sometimes longer. This limits the hairstyles you can do right away.
Lighter because the extension braiding hair is being fed into the braid to distribute the weight.More heavy because all of the extension braiding hair is placed at the base of the braid.
Due to the lack of the knot, knotless braids have a very natural look and are seamless from the root all the way down to the end.Box braids have the knot placed at the base which makes its clear to see where the extension starts.
Lays flatter because there is no knot.More bulky due to the knot at the base.
Which Is Better Knotless Braids or Regular Box Braids
@rosesbraids1 on Instagram

How to do Medium Knotless Box Braids

Preparation is key to having the perfect medium knotless braids.

  1. Start with clean hair. Doing knotless braids on dirty hair will decrease the lifespan of your braids. You don’t want an itchy scalp which might lead to scalp irritation or even dandruff. Wash hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of all impurities in the hair.
  2. Next follow up with a deep conditioner to ensure your natural hair is hydrated and protected in the knotless braids for the coming weeks. It is preferable to do medium knotless box braids on stretched or blow dried hair to get a better grip and create neater braids. You can also pre-soak the braiding hair in apple cider vinegar to remove any chemicals which can help prevent itchiness.
  3. It is recommended to pre-separate the extension braiding hair into small sections using a hair rack to save time. Next, section your hair and part it into 1-2 inch square or triangle shapes. Use a braid gel or a pomade to help slick down the roots for neatness.
  4. Finally, take a section of hair and start braiding as you would normally would. After 2 to 3 plaits, start feeding the extension braiding hair into the braid. For medium knotless braids, the extension hair should be small-sized because as it accumulates the braid will eventually get bigger. Feeding in medium or large-sized braiding hair pieces can lead to your braid looking bulky. This can cause a knot-like appearance and your braids will not look knotless. Repeat these steps until all of your hair has been completed.
Butt length knotless braids
@braids_by_dolly on Instagram

How many packs of hair do you need?

You will need 5-7 packs of pre-stretched braiding hair for medium knotless box braids. Women with thick hair may require an additional 1-2 packs of braiding hair.

Care & Maintenance

Just like any other type of hairstyle, knotless braids need care and maintenance to keep them looking beautiful. Here are some tips to help you maintain your knotless braids.

  1. Moisturize your hair. Use a braid spray 3-4 times a week to keep your natural hair moisturized.
  2. Keep your scalp clean. To keep your scalp clean you can use a dry shampoo or a braid & scalp cleansing rinse.
  3. Oil your scalp. Apply a hair growth oil at night to promote healthy hair growth.
  4. Protect your hair at night. Always sleep with a hair bonnet at night or silk pillowcase to protect your hair.
  5. Reduce frizz. Use a braid foam mousse to seal your braids and reduce frizz.

Cost & Pricing

The cost for medium knotless braids will vary depending on where you live. The average cost ranges from $175 up to $500.

How Long Do Box Braids Last?

The length of time your box braids will last depends on the following conditions below.

  • The size of the knotless braids. Medium knotless box braids can last 6 to 10 weeks.
  • The texture of your natural hair. Coarser hair textures tend to hold styles longer. Box braids with silkier/looser textures last about 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Proper maintenance. Regular care can help your knotless braids last longer.
Black and Brown Box Braids - Protective Style
@kaisaealy_hairstylist on Instagram

How to Remove Your Braids

Removing your box braids is a very important step. You must be careful not cause any breakage when taking down your braids. Taking them out correctly will guarantee less stress on your natural hair. Remember your hair will be dirty and full of shed hair which can easily cause tangles and matting.

  1. Start by cutting the braid extension underneath your natural hair.
  2. Begin undoing the braid from the end and working your way up to the root. Remember to be gentle and not to pull and tug the hair causing unnecessary tension. You can use your fingers or a rat tail comb to undo the hair.
  3. Expect a lot of shed hair. Hair sheds 50-100 strands a day. Do not be alarmed with the amount of shed hair you get from 4-10 weeks of wearing box braids.
  4. Apply a detangler to help create slip. This will help you to detangle and carefully get rid of any shed hair. Then gently and thoroughly detangle your hair making sure to release all the shed hair. This is an important step to do before you wash your hair to avoid matting.
  5. Lastly, shampoo your hair and then follow-up with a moisture-rich deep conditioner.

Hair Tip: Use the African Miracle Take Down Detangling Mask to help you detangle, remove build-up, and reduce breakage when removing your braids.

Best Medium Knotless Box Braid Hairstyles

Here are 30+ gorgeous medium knotless braids ideas to inspire your next hairstyle!

Blonde and brown medium knotless box braids in a high bun.

Blonde and Brown Medium Knotless Box Braids in a High Bun
@elegantly_crowned on Instagram

Bob length blue and purple boho braids.

Bob Length Blue & Purple Boho Braids
@pearlthestylist_ on Instagram

Long hot pink peek-a-boo braids.

Neon pink peek-a-boo long braids
@hairbyshay_____ on Instagram

Shoulder length bob box braids.

Shoulder length bob box braids
@rayking_total_beauty on Instagram

Long braids with curly ends.

Long braids with curly ends
@rosiejay_ on Instagram

Brown shoulder-length braids with platinum blonde highlights.

Brown shoulder length braids with platinum blonde highlights
@braidsbyshonda_ on Instagram

Purple medium knotless box braids.

Purple medium knotless box braids
@Icbeautysalonllc on Instagram

Knotless braids styled with half up half down space buns.

Knotless braids styled with half up half down space buns
@des.dabratt_ on Instagram

Long medium goddess box braids.

Long medium goddess box braids
@hayleecreations on Instagram

Bold green and black braids.

Bold green and black braids
@braidsbytyti._ on Instagram

Butt length platinum blonde knotless braids.

Butt length platinum blonde knotless braids
@braidsbydominique_ on Instagram

Brown and black braids styled in a half up and half down ponytail.

Brown and black braids styled in a half up and half down ponytail
@kaiasealy_hairtsylist on Instagram

Box braids with a heart shape.

Box braids with a heart shape
@hairbyabx on Instagram

Beautiful braids styled in a jumbo high bun.

Beautiful braids styled in a jumbo high bun
@slayedbynath on Instagram

Ombre blonde and blue box braids.

Ombre blonde and blue box braids
@iam_alannadenise on Instagram

Super long braids with curly ends.

Super long braids with curly ends
@callme_t_baby on Instagram

Midnight blue middle part medium knotless box braids.

Midnight blue middle part medium knotless box braids
@levilatte on Instagram

Super neat and clean individual braids.

Super neat and clean individual braids
@rosesbraids1 on Instagram

Ombre half up half down blonde braids with a side swoop.

Ombre half up half down blonde braids with a side swoop
@heavenly.creations_ on Instagram

Knee length burgundy box braids.

Knee length burgundy box braids
@braidsbykiawanie on Instagram

Brown medium knotless box braids pulled up in a ponytail.

Brown braids pulled up in a ponytail
@braids_by_dolly on Instagram

Shoulder length curly boho braids.

Shoulder length curly boho braids
@dkluxxe on Instagram

Long ombre black and blonde braids.

Long ombre black and blonde braids
@qthebraider on Instagram

Knotless braids are here to stay and will continue to be popular. This is a must-try hairstyle for those that want gorgeous, pain-free, and natural-looking box braids.

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