How To Stretch Natural Hair

How To Stretch Natural Hair

Learn how to stretch natural hair without using excessive heat. We will explain 7 different methods to stretch your natural curly hair safely.

Shrinkage is a part of what you have to face when you have natural hair. So, stretching your natural hair is a great way to prevent shrinkage. There are three main reasons to stretch your hair. One would be to see the full length of the hair. The second is to make it easier to detangle. Third is to elongate the hair to prepare for a certain hairstyle or protective style.

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Stretch natural hair shrinkage
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However, it is important to stretch out your hair using methods that are safe apart from using a flat iron. In this guide we will explain 7 simple no-heat methods for elongating your natural hair.

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How To Stretch Natural Hair

1. Stretch Natural Hair After Washing With Twists

Stretch Natural Hair After Washing With Twists
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Stretch your natural hair after washing and then put it into large to medium size two strand twists. If you know how to two strand twist, this is one of easiest ways to stretch out your natural hair. All you need is a comb or a brush to detangle, and a twisting butter to moisturize your twists. To prevent breakage, we recommend combing your hair with a detangler in it while the hair is still damp.

If you prefer to use a comb, then use a wide-toothed comb. This type of comb has enough space between the rows to allow for easy movement without breaking or damaging your hair. The very best type of comb is a seamless comb. This is because combs with seams can cause split ends and tear your hair strands.

Next, taking large to medium size sections, begin putting your hair into two-strand twists. With each section add a little bit of twisting butter to keep your hair moisturized as you go. Repeat until all of your hair has been twisted.

Finally, wait for your twists to completely dry to avoid frizz. (This can take 2-24 hours depending of the length and density of your natural hair.) Then begin to gently unravel your twists. Once you’re done your hair should have nice waves. At this point you can wear your unraveled twists as a twist out. Or style your stretched out natural in a different style.

2. Buns

bun on natural hair
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Though buns are commonly worn as hairstyle, they can also be used to stretch natural hair. You can bun on wet or dry hair. Although, starting with dry hair will give more elongated results. You can fix your hair in a low or high bun. Or create multiple buns if your hair is extremely thick.

3. Bantu Knots

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Bantu knots can be worn as a hairstyle, but they are also a great way to stretch natural hair. You can apply bantu knots while the hair is wet or dry.

To create bantu knots, section your hair into square sections. If you want to wear it as hairstyle first, get creative and part the hair into defined shapes like diamonds or triangles.

Then twirl each section around until it looks like a dreadlock, but careful not to make it too tight. Next, wrap the twirled section around itself until it becomes a knot. Leave the knots in for a while and unravel them when they are fully dry. You will be surprised by the results.

Bantu knots will stretch your hair while creating beautiful curls and ringlets. You can choose the size and the amount of curls by changing the size of the sections. Large sections will result in large curls while smaller sections will create smaller curls.

4. Stretch Hair Without Heat Using The Pineapple Method

Stretch Hair Without Heat Using The Pineapple Method
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The pineapple method is a great method to stretch your hair without heat. It will keep your hair curly while allowing you to show off some length. You can also use the pineapple method to stretch out wash and gos, twist outs, or any textured hairstyle. It was created as a way to prolong the period between wash days. Regular use of the pineapple method will help to prevent hair breakage and tangling. This is also a great way to keep your curls in place at night. Though this method has many variations, these are the basic steps to it:

  • At night make a high ponytail that sits at the top of your head. This is to keep the hair on the back and sides of your hair in place while sleeping. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you can create more than one ponytail.
  • Wrap a satin scarf around your hair while tying it at the front.
  • In the morning, take down the pineapple and rock your stretched out hair.

5. How To Stretch Natural Hair with Braids

How To Stretch Natural Hair with Braids
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Braids are a good way to stretch out your natural hair while also getting beautiful waves. If you already know how to braid then this method should be easy. Start on hair that has been freshly washed and detangled. Next, split your it into sections, and start making the braids. Repeat until all of your hair has been braided.

Once your hair is fully dry begin to unravel the braids. At this point you can wear your waves left from the braids in what’s called a “braidout”. Or you can style your stretched out hair however you like.

6. African Threading

African Threading
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African threading dates back from a very long time ago. It is considered a protective hairstyle because it may be left in for long periods. This technique can be used to stretch out your hair while helping to retain length.

The threading method is similar to banding. It is easy to do you just need nylon thread. We recommend using the Haobase Black Bonded Nylon Sewing Thread from Amazon because it strong and easily glides. It is best to start on dry hair. Simply put your hair into sections and cut off a generous amount of thread for each section. Next, begin wrapping the thread around each section, starting from the roots and down to the ends. Finally, once you reach the ends, tie off the thread so that it doesn’t unravel.

Here is a YouTube video below from Pure Estrogen demonstrating how to do the African threading method. You can also change the size and style of your sections depending on your preference. The longer you leave your hair wrapped, the more straightened it will become.

7. Hair Banding Natural Hair

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If you have some hair ties lying around, you can get innovative and use the hair banding method to stretch out your natural hair. This method works well for people with lengthy hair. Make sure to use seamless hair bands so that they don’t snag your hair and cause breakage.

To do the hair banding technique start with hair that has been freshly washed. Then section your hair into little ponytails. Wrap each ponytail with the hair band starting at the root until you reach the ends. You may have to use multiple hair bands depending on the length of your hair. Take the bands out once your hair is fully dry and you will have nicely stretched out hair.

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