LOC Method On Natural Hair & Best Products To Use

LOC Method On Natural Hair & Best Products To Use

Learn how to use the LOC method on natural hair. Find the best products to to hydrate your curls, leaving your hair moisturized, softer and shinier.

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The LOC Method On Natural Hair Explained

The LOC method is a technique used to help natural hair retain moisture. Not only does it aid in hydrating your curls but it helps to actually seal the moisture into your hair strands. This technique involves the use of (L)iquid, (O)il and (C)ream. The acronym “loc” or “lco” represents the order in which we apply each product. This method can help your hair stay moisturized for a few days or even longer. I would experiment with the “loc” and “lco” to figure out which order you apply the products works best for your hair.

Hair Porosity

The LOC method can be beneficial for all hair types, but is mostly used by those with dry high porosity hair types. If you are unsure of what hair type you have or you want to know which products will work best for your hair porosity, check out our article What Is Hair Porosity And How To Do A Hair Porosity Test.

LOC Method On Natural Hair


(L) – L represents liquid i.e. water. So the first step is to apply a liquid to your hair in sections. Notice once water is applied to your hair it immediately starts to curl up. This is because water provides your hair strands with hydration. Our hair needs water to be moisturized. When using the LOC method, you can use plain H2O or you can use a leave-in conditioner that is water-based. You can even use Aloe Vera juice. Aloe Vera is of apart of the cacti family, which means they store water, so it is great for moisturizing natural hair. Below are two amazing leave-in conditioners that can be used for the LOC method.

Best Water Based Leave-in Conditioners For The LOC Method

Alikay Naturals - Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner
Alikay Naturals – Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner
Cantu Shea Butter Hydrating Leave in Conditioning
Cantu Shea Butter Hydrating Leave in Conditioning


(O) – O represents oil. Do you remember that science experiment in school where you learned that water and oil don’t mix? If we pour a bottle of oil into water, the oil will sit on top of the water because they don’t mix well. That’s the same for our hair as well. That’s why oils are used as sealants to lock in the liquid aka moisture. The oil traps the water molecules into our hair strands and this helps to keep the moisture in. The sealing best oils include extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil. Both of these oils contain vitamins and nutrients that are actually capable of moisturizing natural hair.


(C) – C represents cream. The cream helps to seal in the moisture that we added from our liquid, as well as any nutrients from the oil. This is where some people find that the “LCO” method works best for them. They find that using the oil last helps to lock in the moisture from the liquid and the cream. The sealing process is important because the moisture being sealed in is how your hair is able to stay hydrated.

Using this method regularly will result in your curls and hairstyles looking shinier and feeling softer to the touch. Below are two of the best hair creams. They not only get the job done, but they can work for all different hair types, textures and hair porosity.

Best Hair Creams For The LOC Method For Natural Hair

TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer
As I A DoubleButter Cream

Finding What Works For You

Every ones hair type, texture and porosity are different because our genetic makeup is not the same. This is also what makes us unique. There is no one size fits when it comes to hair care. Try the LOC and LCO method to find out which one makes your hair feel and look the healthiest. Once you find out what works for your natural hair you will begin to see it thrive! If you found this article helpful make sure to subscribe, so that you never miss when we release other great articles. Thanks for reading!

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