Natural Hair Growth Tips

These natural hair growth tips will take your hair to the next level. Learn techniques to grow your hair long and healthy.

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Natural Hair Growth Tips

In this article we will look at some proven natural hair growth tips for all types of textures and lengths. Check out the list below.

1. Pre-poo with coconut oil overnight

Apply coconut oil to your hair overnight as a pre-poo treatment before washing. This will prevent your hair from losing moisture during the shampoo process.

Natural Hair Growth Tips

2. Apply lemon juice to your scalp

Apply lemon juice to your scalp to increase your hair growth. Lemons are rich with vitamin C. They encourage collagen production which leads to hair growth.

Apply lemon juice to your scalp

3. Avoid hairstyles that cause too much tension

Too tight hairstyles such as braids, weaves and ponytails can cause hair loss! This is because the pulling of the hair follicles causes too much tension. The result can be permanent hair loss known as traction alopecia.

The next time a hairstyle feels too tight just take it out. Or, have the style installed looser. No hairstyle is worth losing your hair over.

Natural Hair Growth Tips - Avoid hairstyles that cause too much tension

4. Add geranium oil to your shampoo & conditioner

Add a few drops of geranium oil to your shampoo or conditioner. Geranium oil helps to boost circulation to the scalp and hydrates the hair and scalp.

Add geranium oil to your shampoo & conditioner

5. Massage your scalp with rosemary oil

Massage your scalp with rosemary oil diluted with castor oil for 10-15 minutes every night. Rosemary oil stimulates hair growth and is commonly used to treat hair loss.

Natural Hair Growth Tips - Massage your scalp with rosemary oil

6. Wear a satin bonnet at night

Wear a satin bonnet or a silk pillowcase to sleep at night. They protect your hair from friction that can cause breakage. Satin and silk help the hair to retain moisture at night. Also, it will decrease frizzing.

Natural Hair Growth Tips - Wear a satin bonnet at night

7. Take a daily hair growth vitamin

Take a hair growth vitamin daily. This will ensure that your hair gets the nutrients it needs that may be lacking from your daily diet. Most people that take a hair vitamin notice a difference in the length and thickness of their hair within a couple of months.

Take a daily hair growth vitamin

8. Remove build-up from your scalp with apple cider vinegar

Give your scalp a fresh start by doing an apple cider vinegar rinse. Apple cider vinegar will deeply cleanse the scalp by removing excess product build-up and flakes. It also maintains your scalps ph balance which can help with hair growth.

You can read more about apple cider vinegar rinses and all its amazing benefits at Heathline.

Remove build-up from your scalp with apple cider vinegar

9. Use aloe vera gel for natural hair growth

Use Aloe Vera gel on your hair and scalp for hair growth. Aloe Vera contains vitamin C, E and A that promotes new cell growth and protects against hair damage. Read our article How To Use Aloe Vera Gel For Hair Growth to learn 3 ways to use Aloe Vera gel to grow your hair longer.

10. Apply onion juice to your scalp

Apply onion juice to your scalp and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Then wash it out with shampoo. Onion juice promotes hair growth by increasing blood flow to the cuticles. It is also used to treat alopecia.

Apply onion juice to your scalp

11. Take a fish oil supplement

Taking a fish oil supplement regularly will help to prevent hair loss and help to increase the density of your hair. They contain omega-3’s with lots of nutrients and proteins that can improve the overall health of the hair.

Take fish oil supplement

12. Use the LOC method to moisturize your hair

The LOC method is a technique to help your hair retain moisture. The process uses liquid, oil and cream to help lock the moisture in your hair for days. This method works best for dry high porosity hair. If you are not sure of your hair’s porosity read our article: What Is Hair Porosity And How To Do A Hair Porosity Test.

Use the LOC method to moisturize your hair

13. Drink plenty of water

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Even though hair moisturizers and conditioners help your hair feel good, true hair hydration starts from inside the body. Drinking more water will help you combat hair dryness.

Natural Hair Growth Tips - Drink plenty of water

14. Eat a vitamin rich diet

Eat foods rich in vitamins that promote hair growth. The best foods are eggs, spinach, carrots, avocados and beans. These foods are rich with proteins, zinc and biotin that provide your hair with the right nutrients it needs to grow thicker and faster.

natural hair growth tips - Eat a vitamin rich diet

15. Add collagen powder to your drinks

Taking collagen powder everyday can improve the health of your scalp, skin and nails. Collagen has essential amino acids that support healthy hair growth. You can add collagen powder to your hot or cold drinks like coffee and smoothies. The best part about taking collagen in powder form instead of a pill is it gets absorbed quickly by the body for maximum benefits.

Add collagen powder to your drinks

16. Wear protective styles

Put your hair in protective styles. A protective style is a hairstyle that keeps your ends tucked away. The ideas is to minimize the amount of manipulation you put on your hair. This reduces breakage and allows your to retain more length. Here is a list of Beautiful Protective Style Ideas.

Wear Protective Styles

17. Use a hair detangler

Never comb dry natural hair because it can cause breakage. It is best to use a hair detangler. Detanglers are conditioners that were created to smooth the outside surface of the hair cuticle and help you with the detangling process.

Use a hair detangler

18. Green Tea Hair Rinse

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that prevent hair thinning and hair loss. To create a green tea hair rinse, brew 2 organic green tea bags into 2 cups of boiling water.

Allow the tea to cool down to lukewarm temperature and put it into a spray bottle. Saturate your hair and scalp with the tea using the spray bottle. Leave the green tea rinse on your hair for up to an hour and then rinse off it out with cool water.

Green Tea Hair Rinse

19. Co-wash your hair instead of shampooing

Although shampoo washes away dirt and oil build-up, using it too often can strip your hair and scalp of it’s natural oils. Instead co-wash or use a sulfate-free shampoo.

Co-wash your hair instead of shampooing

20. Rinse your hair with cold water

Rinse your hair with cold water

When rinsing your hair always use cold water instead of hot water. Cold water helps to seal your’s hair cuticle which adds shine and prevents frizz.

21. Use a natural cotton towel

Regular towels snag your hair and dry it out. Wrapping your hair in regular towels can also lead to hair breakage as your hair gets entangled in the woven fibers. Use a natural cotton towel designed for natural hair because they are more gentle and leave more moisture in your hair.

natural hair growth tips

22. Use hair products with natural ingredients

One of the best natural hair growth tips is to use hair products made with natural ingredients. A lot of hair products use fillers and synthetic substances. Switch to natural hair products and your hair will feel and look healthier.

Use hair products with natural ingredients

23. Egg Hair Mask

Do a hair egg mask to increase your natural hair growth. Eggs have a high level of nutrients such as protein with sulphur, zinc, iron, phosphorous and iodine. Egg hair masks have been used for years by people all over the world for growing long hair.

Egg Hair Mask

24. Rice Water for hair growth

Try fermented rice water to take your hair growth to the next level. Fermented rice water has amino acids that strengthens the hair at the roots to promote longer and thicker hair. To learn all the benefits of rice water and how to make it read our article: How To Use Rice Water For Hair Growth & The Benefits of Rice Water.

natural hair growth tips

25. Finger Detangle

Before using a comb or brush, finger detangle your hair first. Finger detangling allows you to feel each hair tangle and work it out gently. You will notice less breakage and less shedding.

Finger Detangle

26. Avoid heat styling tools

Stop using heat styling tools on your natural hair. Consistent use of heat tools can cause heat damage. If you do decide to use heat turn down the temperature and use a heat protectant first.

Avoid heat styling tools

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