A Guide For The Perfect Rollerset on Natural Hair 2020

A Guide To The Perfect Rollerset On Natural Hair 2020

Are you looking for a complete guide on how to get the perfect roller set on natural hair? Here are some of the top tips to achieve the perfect rollerset. We tried to cover everything from the type of rollers, to things you will need, to the application, and then the removal & styling. So grab your favorite drink, sit back relax, and let’s begin!

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A Guide For The Perfect Rollerset on Natural Hair 2020

Using rollers has always been a healthy way to grow your natural hair. A rollerset on natural hair is a great way to stretch your natural hair with minimal heat to no heat while being able to show off some length. Achieving a great rollerset is a combination of good technique and using the right rollers and hair products.

Types Of Rollersets

The type of rollers that you choose will determine the style that you are looking for. There are many times of rollers but in this article we will discuss 3 popular types that are used by many naturals today; flexi rods, perm rods, and curlformers.

Perm Rods

Rollers known as Perm Rods, also known as cold wave rod sets come in a variety of colors and sizes. The size of the rod that you choose will determine the size of the curl.

  • For very tight & kinky curls use the red, mauve, yellow, or blue rods. This size rods are probably more appropriate if you have shorter length of hair. 
  • Gray & white perm rods give a medium size curl and work best on medium length hair. 
  • The pink and orange rods give a larger curl and are great for medium to longer length of hair. 
  • The purple and black rods provide the largest curls and are best for long to super long hair.

Here are some pictures of different perm rod rollersets.

Perm rod rollerset on natural hair
@naturallytemi on Instagram
@jascoloredcurls on Instagram

Flexi Rods

Flexi Rods are flexible, tubular shaped rollers that your wrap your hair around and then bend on each end to secure it in place. For flexi rods the size of the roller may vary according to the color depending on where you purchase your rollers. It is best to choose the roller based on the diameter size.

  • For very tight & kinky curls use the 7/8″ or 11/6″ roller. This size flexi rod are probably more appropriate if you have shorter length of hair.
  • To achieve a medium size curl on medium length hair 5/8″ or 1/2″ would be a good size.
  • For medium to longer lengths of hair the 7/16″ would be a good size.
  • To get the largest curls choose the 3/8″ or bigger. This size is best for for long to super long hair.

Here are some pictures of different flexi rods hairstyles for a rollerset on natural hair.

Flexi Rod Size
Flexi rod rollerset on natural hair
@tinaswayy on Instagram
flexirod set on natural hair
@actuallyashly on Instagram


Curlformers are a unique type of roller. With curlformers you use a special hook to pull your natural hair through the roller. The results are uniform, frizz free curls. It is best to purchase curlformers according to the length of your hair, especially if you have longer lengths of hair. You don’t want to purchase your rollers and your hair is longer than the roller.

Check out these pics of beautiful rollersets using curlformers.

Curlformers rollerset
@Ambre Renee on Instagram

Here is a picture of the beautiful @itszitarose wearing the Curlformers new product called “Waveformers”. They makes cute waves instead of curls. It seems like a lot of naturalistas have mixed feelings about the results.

Waveformers rollerset on natural hair
@itszitarose on Instagram

Things Will Need

You picked out your favorite rollerset picture for inspiration and decided on what type of rollers you will be using. Now lets discuss what else you will need to achieve your perfect rollerset.

  • Rat tail comb– use a rat tail comb for sectioning and smoothing the hair
  • Alligator clips– alligator clips are the best types of clips because they are durable and able to hold larger amounts of natural hair than other whimpy clips.
  • Water bottle– make sure to keep a water bottle handy to help keep your hair wet in between rolling.
  • Leave In Conditioner– it is recommended to spray your hair with a leave in conditioner prior to rolling to help lock in the moisture and it can also be used as a heat protectant if you decide to sit under a dryer.
  • Foam Wrap– a moisturizing foam wrap helps to keep the hair smooth and frizz-free while you are applying your rollers. Make sure to pick a foam wrap that doesn’t leave the hair feeling sticky or with a filmy residue.
  • Hair Growth Oil– don’t forget the hair oil sis! Applying a hair growth oil to your scalp will stimulate hair growth and help to reduce frizz as you are removing your rollers. We like the Alikay Naturals Essential 17 Growth Oil because it feels good on the scalp but it light on the hair and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy.

How To Apply The Rollers

A rollerset on natural hair can be done on wet freshly washed hair or dry hair that has been stretched. Either way the hair should always be washed and deep conditioned prior to starting your rollerset for the best results. If you are starting with wet hair then use your water bottle to keep the hair wet as you apply the rollers because this keeps the hair manageable. If you are beginning with dry, stretched hair then the water bottle should not be necessary.

  • Step 1- Section your hair into four sections using your alligator clips. Two in the front and two in the back. Sectioning the hair makes it easier to stay organized as you apply your rollers.
  • Step 2- Starting with your first section of hair, seperate out a smaller section of hair about the same width as the roller. Apply a pump of your foam wrap and gently begin to comb through the section of hair starting from the ends up to the roots.
  • Step 3- Begin to apply your first roller to the section of hair.
  • Step 4- Repeat steps 1-3 until you have completely rolled that first section of hair. Then continue to roll the other three sections until all your hair has been rolled.
  • Step 5- Step 5 is optional. You can choose to let your hair air dry completely which can take anywhere from 4-12 hours depending on the thickness of your hair. Some people even choose to sleep in the rollers overnight (caution: this can be uncomfortable and not for sleeping beauty lol). Or you can sit under a hooded dryer for faster results.

Removing The Rollers

Once your hair is completely dry its time to take out your rollers. As you are taking out your rollers apply a drop of the hair growth oil to your fingertips and apply it along the strands of the hair sparingly as you gently remove each roller. It is important to take you time during this step to reduce as much frizz as possible. After you remove all the rollers if you desire more volume you can separate each curl into two or three smaller curls. Apply a few more drops of oil to your fingertips and gently massage it into your scalp for a few minutes being careful not to disturb your curls. Now finally you are ready to slay all day with your new rollerset!

How To Maintain Your Rollerset On Natural Hair

It makes no sense to do all of this work to achieve the perfect rollerset on natural hair and not maintain it. So make sure to wear a bonnet every night to bed to perserve your pretty curls. In the morning take off your bonnet and fluff your curls and go.


It takes patience to do a rollerset but the end results of having bouncy fluffy curls are so worth it. Remember that your first rollerset may not come out the way you like but as you continue to practice and do more of them they will come out better and better. Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe. Thank you so much for reading!

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