Soft Locs & Distressed Faux Loc Hairstyle Ideas

Soft Locs & Distressed Faux Loc Hairstyle Ideas

Soft locs and distressed locs are a hot hairstyle right now. And it is easy to see why. One reason is because they are absolutely gorgeous. Soft locs give you a bohemian vibe that is sexy and carefree. The second reason people love this style is because it is less tension on your natural hair than the traditional faux loc hairstyles. Third, you can achieve a similar look of faux locs in half the time and its a great protective style for natural hair.

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What are soft and distressed faux locs?

If you are new to this hairstyle, let me explain what soft locs are. Unlike faux locs which are traditionally stiff and hard, these locs are soft. To do this hairstyle you use crochet locs and passion twist hair as wrapping hair. The wrapping hair is used to cover up your natural hair. The results are softer locs that give your movement and flexibility right away.

Crochet Hair For Soft Locs

How long do soft locs last?

This hairstyle can last anywhere from 6-12 weeks. Some people wear it longer, but it is not recommended.

What type of hair is used for distressed locs?

There are 2 main types of hair used to create hairstyle.

  1. Crochet locs
  2. Passion Twist or Spring Twist hair for wrapping hair
  3. Crochet hook

How many packs of hair do I need?

It typically takes 5-6 packs for a full head. Or, 7-8 if you have extremely thick hair.

How do I install soft locs?

There are 3 main ways to install these beautiful locs.

  1. Unraveling the crochet loc and using it to wrap around the base of your natural hair. This results in a smoother soft loc look.
  2. Another option for the “distressed loc” look. Is to wrap the spring twist hair around the base of the crochet loc until you reach the end of your natural hair.
  3. Last option is to wrap passion twist around the crochet loc and your natural hair from roots to the ends of the loc. This will give you a more dramatic distressed faux loc look.

Hairstyle Ideas

Here are some hairstyle ideas to inspire you to try this sexy new trend!

Auburn brown soft locs that are perfect for vacation.

Auburn Brown Soft Locs
@_queennyah on Instagram

Butt-length braided hairstyle for black women.

Long Faux Loc Hairstyles for Black Women
@hair.hustle on Instagram

Color #30 distressed soft loc hairstyle.

Brown Distressed Locs
@kbrehairstyles on Instagram

Braids half-up and half-down styled in a top knot bun.

Locs Half Up Half Down In a Bun
@thekrownebeautyway on Instagram

Knee-length vibrant red braided hairstyle.

Red Faux Locs
@taeshakurr on Instagram

Short locs styled in a shoulder-length bob.

Distressed Locs Bob
@hair_bybambii on Instagram

Soft locs & distressed faux loc hairstyle idea that looks beautiful styled half-up and half-down.

Soft Locs & Distressed Faux Loc Hairstyle Ideas
@theempress_styles on Instagram

Peekaboo platinum and honey blonde braids.

Black and Blonde Locs
@soposhtresses on Instagram

Short ombre braided hairstyle that is perfect for the spring and summer.

Short Faux Locs
@hair_bybambii on Instagram

Long curly goddess locs.

Goddess Soft Locs
@steph_theextras on Instagram

Super-long distressed soft locs hairstyle.

Long Distressed Soft Locs
@soposhtresses on Instagram

Curled faux locs pulled up in a ponytail with a splash of red color.

Red and Black Faux Loc Updo
@caribbeanstyle_wpb on Instagram

Long platinum blonde soft locs.

Blonde Faux Locs
@prettyy.gaall on Instagram

Honey blonde jumbo distressed faux locs.

Honey Blonde Distressed Faux Locs
@hazikahair on Instagram

Shoulder-length bob faux loc hairstyle.

Bob Locs Hairstyle
@braidssby.c on Instagram

Curly soft locs & distressed faux loc hairstyle ideas.

Soft Locs & Distressed Faux Loc Hairstyle Ideas
@brittnaydidit on Instagram

Vibrant and playful platinum blonde locs.

Gorgeous Platinum Blonde Locs

Gorgeous distressed soft locs.

Gorgeous Distressed Locs
@domnicolehair on Instagram

Waist-length ombre faux locs.

Ombre Faux Locs
@caribbeanstyles_ on Instagram

Waist-length distressed hairstyle.

Long Distressed Locs
@taeshakurr Instagram

Fun neon pink colored braids.

Pink Soft Locs
@thekrownebeautyway on Instagram

Beautiful braids twisted and styled in a ponytail.

Faux Locs in a Ponytail
@kbrehairstyles on Instagram

613 and honey blonde colored knee-length extended loc extensions.

Platinum Blonde & Honey Blonde Loc Extensions
@locsbylyss on Instagram

Long jet black individual crochet braided style.

Long Soft Locs
@rena_styles1 on Instagram

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